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  • United Kingdom
  • Imigran Subject Injection
  • 6mg/0.5ml
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Imigran Subject Injection - sumatriptan - 6mg/0.5ml - 2 Pack - Refill Imigran Subject Injection sumatriptan Brand United Kingdom 6mg/0.5ml 2 Pack - Refill DR $141.25 Add
Imigran Subject Injection - sumatriptan - 6mg/0.5ml - 2 Pack - Starter Imigran Subject Injection sumatriptan Brand United Kingdom 6mg/0.5ml 2 Pack - Starter DR $169.50 Add

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Imigran Subject Injection (sumatriptan succinate) is a powerful triptan medication used to treat migraine and cluster headaches. The fastest-acting Imigran administration method, it is ideal for cluster headaches and moderate to severe migraines that tend to react better when the medication is delivered quickly.

Like all triptan medications, Imigran Subject Injection works by narrowing blood vessels on the surface of the brain that become swollen during a migraine or cluster headache. The exact reason why these blood vessels become swollen, or why reducing that swelling so effectively relives pain, auras and other symptoms, is unclear. What is clear is that the medication works---triptans are the go-to solution for migraines when NSAID treatments like ibuprofen fail to provide relief, and are one of very few medications available that provide significant relief for cluster headaches.

Getting Started with Imigran Subject Injection

Clients planning to buy Imigran Subject Injection should note that there two products available:

  • The Starter Pack includes 2 cartridges and a reusable pen injector.
  • The Refill Pack includes 2 cartridges designed to fit into the pen injector.

Each cartridge represents one 6-mg dose of sumatriptan, so each pack contains two doses. Effects are best when the medication is administered at the first symptoms of a headache:

  • Load a cartridge into the injector pen.
  • Position the pen on the upper arms, upper thighs, hips, buttocks, or other fatty area and press the button.
  • If symptoms return a second dose may be taken after two hours.
  • Always wait at least two hours between doses.
  • Never exceed 12 mg (2 doses) in a 24-hour period.

Effects are felt quickly, in just 5 or 10 moments. In rare cases some individuals simply do not respond to Imigran; if no effects are noticed at all a second dose should not be administered. A doctor can recommend an alternative treatment.

Note that Imigran Subject Injection is known to interact with some other medications; of particular concern are SSRI, SNRI, and MAOI medications (usually prescribed to treat anxiety, depression and similar mental conditions) and medications containing ergotamine. If in doubt, check with a doctor or pharmacist before mixing medications.

Alternatives to Injections

As mentioned above, cluster headaches and severe migraines often respond best to fast-acting injections; these patients will probably want to buy Imigran Subject Injection rather than slower-acting formulas. For mild to moderate headaches, however, less intrusive options often work fine. Imigran offers a range of formulations:

  • Imigran Tablets - effects are felt about 30 minutes after administration. This is the slowest-acting form of the medication.
  • Imigran Recovery - similar to classic tablets but only available in 50 mg doses. Unlike other forms of Imigran, Imigran Recovery is available over-the-counter in some parts of the world.
  • Imigran Radis - similar to tablets, this formula is designed to be dissolved in fluids. Effects are felt slightly faster than regular tablets. Ideal for patients who have difficulty swallowing whole tablets.
  • Imigran Nasal Spray - effects are felt about 15 minutes after administration. This is sometimes a suitable alternative to injections for cluster headaches.

Ready to Buy Imigran Subject Injection?

Imigran Subject Injection provides patients around the world with fast, effective relief. Kiwi Drug is pleased to offer this migraine and cluster headache solution so you can join their ranks---no more days lost to pain and misery. All of our products are guaranteed authentic, and our world-class customer service is always here for you if you have any questions or concerns. Be sure to buy Imigran Subject Injection ahead of time so it's on-hand when you need it!

Because this is a potent medication a prescription is required to buy Imigran Subject Injection. Clients who don't have a prescription may be issued one by our online doctor, at no additional charge. All you need to do is start the checkout process and answer the questions presented on the next page. Clients who already have a prescription should also begin checkout; instructions to transfer the prescription to us will be provided on the following screen.

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